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An Integrated Science Plan for the Lake Tahoe Basin

An integrated science plan was developed to identify and refine contemporary science information needs for the Lake Tahoe basin ecosystem. The main objectives were to describe a conceptual framework for an integrated science program, and to develop research strategies addressing key uncertainties and information gaps that challenge government agencies in the theme areas of: 1) air quality, 2) water quality, 3) soil conservation, 4) ecology and biodiversity and 5) social sciences.

Each strategy concludes with a presentation of near-term research priorities. Several factors (e.g., changing agency priorities, funding levels, and the emergence of new issues, new information, or new technologies) can affect the applicability of near-term research priorities, therefore, a science plan is considered a living document. The research priorities are reviewed and revised regularly to ensure they reflect the changing information needs and evolving priorities of agencies charged with the welfare of the Lake Tahoe basin.

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