NICHES Executive Summary

Lake Tahoe’s fishery is among one of the least studied of all the large lakes in the world. Over time there have been a variety of stressors (e.g., introduction of species, eutrophication, nearshore habitat modification), which has altered the fishery. However, only a limited number of studies have been conducted to investigate these impacts or determine the status of a particular species. With little to no information on the status of fishery, in particular the nearshore components where most of the native littoral fish reside, scientists from the University of Nevada, Reno; Miami University in Ohio; and University of California, Davis TERC; have compiled information to determine: 1) the status of the nearshore fish community; 2) if there are quantifiable indicators and methodologies that can be created to determine the condition of the nearshore fishery; and 3) if ultraviolet radiation (UV) can be used to link nearshore and non-native fish ecology to the physical environment.

Download the Executive Summary of the NICHES–Development of nearshore fish indicators for Lake Tahoe project