RFP Process

PSW has released the Tahoe Science Program Round 12 Request for Proposals. Please read the full announcement for instructions on how to submit a proposal. This opportunity is also posted on www. grants.gov.

Process for Selecting Projects

  • In the fall, the Secretary of the Interior approves the SNPLMA package.
  • PSW submits a request for proposals to address the research needs.
  • Researchers submit proposals to address the research needs.
  • TSC peer review process (click here for more details):
    • Independent scientists review the proposals for scientific merit and effectiveness.
    • Representatives of management agencies evaluate the relevancy of the proposals to the environmental challenges that they face.
    • The peer review committee recommends projects to be funded based upon scientific quality, relevancy, and funding availability.
  • PSW funds projects based on recommendations from the TSC peer review committee.

The “Guidance for Tahoe SNPLMA Science Researchers” is available to guide both prospective and currently funded investigators regarding administrative aspects of the program, including permitting, reporting and publishing.

This Request for Proposals solicits research projects that will address the following science themes and subthemes within the Lake Tahoe Basin:

Theme Subtheme
Forest Health 1a: Informing decisions for multi-objective forest management
1b: Improving WEPP-based analyses of forest management activities at the watershed scale
1c: Impact of climate change on ecological communities and the evaluation of adaptation strategies
Water Quality 2a: Understanding the impacts of aquatic invasive species
2b: Quantifying the benefits of urban storm water management
2c: Increasing our understanding of special status species and communities
2d: Technical review of SEZ definition and classification system
Air Quality 3a: Improving the estimates of atmospheric deposition
3b: Managing air pollutants
Integrating Science 4a: Understanding current and future resource conditions through analysis of remote sensing data
4b: Identifying environmental indicators and development of approaches for monitoring and evaluation

Science Issues

The Tahoe Science Consortium convenes a panel of scientists along with representatives of management agencies who collaboratively generate an annual list of research priorities, or science themes, ultimately approved by the Secretary of Interior.